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Why Muller Medical? Muller Medical is a company specialized in respiratory medicine. Its employees have a long experience in medical technology
Tube flowmeter or dial compact flowmeter? Both technologies have their advantages. The dial flowmeter provide access quickly to a pre- defined flow rate and the flow meter is compact. The tube flowmeter has a more accurate adjustable flow with the visualization of the gas flow.
Disposable or re usable humidifier? The disposable humidifier is used for a single patient. They are pre- filled with sterile water. Re usable humidifiers must be sterilized for every new patient and filled with sterile water. Re usable humidifiers represent in the long term a better economic compromise.
Autoclave/Sterilization at 121°C or 134°C? This applies to humidifiers. Temperature indication is present on the jar. The limit is 121° C for polycarbonate and 134° C for glass and polysulfone, recommended temperature for better disinfection.
What is the CE mark? This is the certificate of compliance with European Directive 93/42/EEC of the quality insurance system of medical devices. It is granted to a manufacturer of medical devices following the audit by a notified body (in France the LNE GMED). These devices can then be used for patients in all countries of the European Community .
What should I do in case of an incident with a device? It is a case of Materio-vigilance. You must notify the direction of your hospital, and the National Health Department of your country as well as the manufacturer or its local representative