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Should we maintain the devices? These devices require regular check from one to three years depending on the use. This work requires a number of precautions should be performed exclusively by us or our authorized representatives.
How to clean the flow regulators? Thank you to refer to the user manual of the device package
How to clean the humidifiers? For use at home, clean using a mild household detergent. Rinse with clear water. Dry (dishwasher possible). More details in the user manual.
Autoclave/Sterilization at 121°C or 134°C? This applies to humidifiers. Temperature indication is present on the jar. The limit is 121° C for polycarbonate and 134° C for glass and polysulfone, recommended temperature for better disinfection.
Disinfecting devices? Use appropriate disinfectant solutions (Hexanios G + R® or Surfanios® for instance by following the recommendations of the suppliers). Do not use strong solvents or abrasives .
What are the maintenance frequency? Preventive maintenance should take place every five years. This work requiring a number of precautions must be carried out by our company or our authorized representatives