Respiflo H®

It is a sterile single-use humidifier that, when connected to a concentrator, flowmeter or liquid reservoir, humidifies the oxygen or medical air by micro-diffusion. Suitable for long-term or high-flow oxygen therapy, it is pre-filled with sterile distilled water and has a micro-diffuser. It is available alone or with a striker. It must be thrown away after use by a patient. Exists in 325 ml and 500 ml.

Material Polypropylene tank, POM and polycarbonate adapter
Fluids Sterile distilled water with oxygen or medical air
Connection 12x125 and 9/16" for concentrator, liquid system or flowmeter output
Inlet pressure Maximum operating pressure 500 kPa
Outlet Silicone hose 6 mm
Humidification 150 hours at 3 l/min
Dimension/Weight 190x125x90 mm (hxlxw)/ 590g (500ml)