nanotube with mask

The flowmeter nanotube can be connected via its nipple to a mask silicone pipe. The mask can be simple (flow lower than 8 l/min and FiO2 lower than 60%) with possible usage of humidifier or high oxygen concentration mask (flow higher than 8 l/min and FiO2 between 80% and 100%) without humidification. Several mask models are available. Consult mask page.

Design Body, probe: nickel-plated brass, mask: PVC
Gas O2 or Air (other gases upon request)
Connection 12x100 for probes type NF, DIN, BS and UNI
Inlet pressure 450 kPa ± 50 kPa
Outlet Nipple and mask pipe
Accuracy ±10% or +/-0.5 l/min (values according to ISO 15002)
Dimension/Weight Flowmeter 165x90x30mm (hxlxw)/ 289 g, pipe 2m, mask about 50g